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February 22 2017


Cyber Security Phishing Scams: How to Identify Fraudulent Emails That Want To Steal Your Money, Identity

Hacking and fake news have been in the news a lot lately, what with the allegations of Russians using both those tools to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. And both those online risks come together in a seemingly innocuous but potentially dangerous form: phishing.

Put simply, phishing is the attempt to steal your personal information, such as passwords and financial details, using an email or website that looks like it is legitimate but is in fact merely designed to look like that to lull you into a false sense of security.

Diligent Corporation, a New York company that provides secure platforms for boards and leaders of other companies and organizations to share information, put together data from various sources that show phishing attacks have gone up by over 300 percent between 2013 and 2016. About 156 million phishing emails are sent around the world every day, of which some 16 million are not detected by spam filters.

So if you get one of these fishy-looking emails, how do you know if it is actually a scam? Diligent surveyed over 2,000 people, using an experimental setup, and came up with some possible answers.

Some of the warning signs it lists are: spelling and grammar mistakes; generic salutations that don’t use your name; seems too good (or bad) to be real; is from an unknown sender; requests money or personal information; asks you to click on a link or download a file, while being vague.

Of the people surveyed, over half had been victims of some phishing scam or another. About 52 percent had an unauthorized charge on their credit card, 33 percent had their email accounts hacked and almost a quarter had their social media accounts compromised.

Some of the most effective phishing scams pretend to be sent from email addresses of people we know, such as friends or colleagues. The maximum number of people in the survey, over 68 percent, were fooled by emails that purported to be from a colleague to schedule a meeting the next day, followed by messages from friends claiming to share photographs on social media (almost 61 percent) or Dropbox (37.6 percent).

In contrast, the least effective phishing scams were those that promised a tax refund from the IRS, or gifts of cash and vouchers.

Being wary of phishing emails has a flip side — marking genuine emails as spam. The survey found about 40 percent of genuine emails were marked as phishing attempts. Those aged between 35 and 54 were the best at being able to tell real emails from phishing attempts, while the 18-24 and over 65 groups fared the worst. Men and women were fooled almost the same number of times, 23 percent and 23.3 percent, respectively.

If you want to check your own ability to identify scam emails, Diligent has a shorter version of its survey, designed like a quick quiz, on its website that can be accessed here.

And if you think you have received a phishing email, you can report it to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team using information on its website.

February 21 2015


Tokyo Mothers Group: Play Areas in Tokyo

While it would be impossible to include ALL the play areas in Tokyo, we wanted to list some of our members' favourite play areas.

If there is a play area that you know and love, please let us know about it! Email us at coordinators@tokyomothersgroup.com  


Akasaka  "kids to teens hall"

It's free for minato residents and non residents can also attend for a minimal cost.




Is a government run play center, free of charge, to Minato-ku residents. It is staffed with professional care-givers 10AM-6PM every day of the week and on public holidays.


Tel number: 03-5114-9900


Children's Castle

On aoyama dori (next door to the UN University) It has a rooftop play area with little bikes, a painting/crafts area (take your own apron) music room, library, a large general play area full of different toys and activities.



TA Plaza

At Shirokane Takanawa station. The play centre is completely free and right above the station. It's perfect for a rainy day  http://www.taplaza.org/ They also have a library of English books which you can borrow.


Shibaura Island

The whole building is part of a new development. It has a baby toy room, an art room (where they have occasional art/craft projects/classes, mostly seasonal holiday decorations, held in Japanese), a computer room, large foam block room, lunch area and library (with some children's books in English), and a large 'gym' with baby bicycles and a big ball pit. There is a Peacock supermarket right across the street from it, so you can stock up on snacks or bento before going in.


Asobono, Tokyo Dome

ASOBono is divided into five themed areas: “ocean”, “town”, “train station”, “forest”, and “babies-only area”.  TIckets are sold by the hour with an option to extend your time there or buy a day pass.



Local jidokan

They are play areas run by local authorities that are free and usually for local residents. They also often do playgroups, (though in Japanese). Check with your local ward office for details of your local Jidokan.


Kid O Kid

Climbing walls, ball pool, bouncy castle, baby corner and much more. This play centre is a real treat for children but can get busy at weekends. They have various branches across Tokyo and Japan.


February 17 2015


Tokyo Mothers Group: Fundraising Activities

TMG is an entirely independent, non-profit association run by volunteers.  However, we do need our members' help to fund some of our activities and keep our website up and running.  Please support us in whatever way you can.


We are always accepting donations, no matter how small.  To make a cash donation, please contact any of the TMG Coordinators at our meetings or events.  Or, you can make a donation through Paypal using the link below.

October 29 2014


PCH Boiler Repair London

We are Gas Safe Registered Engineers. We offer a highly professional plumbing and heating service London, with a team of experienced and qualified plumbers & Gas Safe Engineers who are available 24 hours a day. We guarantee to solve everything from a plumbing related problem to the design and creation of new bathrooms or central heating system. We undertake complete or part refurbishments and have specialist tilers for that exclusive finish.

At PCH boiler repair service London, we provide fast reliable boiler repair and installation service in London. We offer efficient boiler repair, boiler installation, boiler service, plumbing and emergency plumbing services in and aorund London.

Being ACS, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, and Baxi qualified & trained installers, we specialise in all types of modern condensing boiler repairs, combi boiler repairs, condensing boiler installations, unvented (Megaflo) hot water systems fault findings and repiars, full central heating system installations and repairs.

We offer extended warranties on all new boiler installations & central heating installations.

Condensing boiler repair London

We at PCH  install the most efficient A-rated condensing boilers in all our new boiler installations. We use the most efficient and reliable A-rated condensing boilers available in the market (Baxi Platinum-Worcester Bosch Greenstar Classic), as well as the most up to date technologies in all our boiler installations. We have developed a strong reputation across London based on our knowledge, commitment to high standards, value for money and the respectful customer service we provide .

PCH 24 Emergency boiler repair London

boiler repair LondonResponsive  24 emergency boiler repair London.

We also provide emergency plumbing service in central London, North and West London. Our vans are regularly topped up with all types of plumbing fittings and boiler parts to enable us to complete any emergency boiler repair  job on the same visit.

Emergency boiler repair London, 24 Hour emergency plumbing service London, North London, West London. Call us on 07769 555030

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October 10 2014


Mortgage Defense Group: About Neill Fendly - Mortgage Fraud Expert

Neill E. Fendly, Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC), has over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. Before founding Mortgage Defense, Inc. in 2001, Mr. Fendly served as the President of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers where he presided over 38,000 industry professionals. He also served as President of both the Arizona and North Carolina Associations of Mortgage Professionals and is currently a member of the NAIHP (National Association of Independent Housing Professionals), MBAC (Mortgage Bankers of the Carolinas), and the NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers.)

Throughout his career, Mr. Fendly has received numerous designations and awards for his exceptional contribution to the mortgage field. He has been awarded NAMB’s “Lifetime Distinguished Industry Service Award” as well as it’s “National Broker of the Year” award. Mr. Fendly also received the United States Congressional Medal of Distinction.

Mr. Fendly has worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Association of Attorney Generals, and the National Conference of State Regulators. He spent over a decade lobbying for mortgage regulation interests in Washington DC testifying before the U.S. Congress on many occasions as an expert in the field.

Neill Fendly currently is the President of Mortgage Defense, Inc. and can be seen speaking on CNN, CNBC, local news broadcasts and in print in The Wall Street Journal and a multitude of industry oriented publications.

September 29 2014


The Bradley Smoker Story

Bradley Smoker really got started when my Dad did a deal with a master food smoker back in the seventies. The story goes that this master smoker knew nothing about catching salmon and asked my Dad for some advice. Dad said if he wanted to learn how to catch fish, he was going to have to teach my Dad how to smoke salmon. It was a hell of a lot easier to catch salmon back then. If this agreement happened today, I doubt Bradley Smoker would have gotten very far.

Anyway this master smoker learned how to catch salmon. My Dad basically told him the cardinal rule of fishing? Do not fish where there are no fish, period.

So the guy kept his promise, gave my Dad some smoker recipes, keeping it simple with very common ingredients and told my Dad the secret to food smoking. He said you must control the smoke, plain and simple. Back then that meant constantly attending to the sawdust, never letting the heat being generated by the burning sawdust get too high, and most important, never letting the wood burn down to an ash. Watch the wood being burned, when it starts to have glowing ambers, and there are flecks of white ash appearing, get rid of it. Replace it immediately with new sawdust and continue smoking as the recipe requires. That’s it, simple huh? I just gave it away?

Not quite yet I am afraid, there is a lot to food smoking that I am still learning about every day. I am reminded by all the food smokers out there that we still have many things to uncover, never been tried before. Soon to be the latest and greatest recipe you have got to try. We will try to keep you posted.

Want to know more about us, keep reading. I promise not to leave anything out.

With this simple principle about food smoking firmly entrenched in my Dad’s masters list of principles.

Tags: Bradley Smoker

July 01 2014


Warfield and Associates - Developing a Fraud and Corruption Plan

At Warfield & Associates, we have developed a range of services that can assist your organisation reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption occurring and when it does, identify it more readily.

Developing a Fraud and Corruption Plan

Fraud and corruption is more prevalent than most board members and senior management realise. Surveys conducted over recent years in Australia show quite clearly that the larger the organisation, the greater the losses to f  raud and corruption.

Fraud and corruption can destroy an organisation’s reputation, shake investor confidence and result in civil and criminal prosecution of directors and management. The impact of fraud upon an organisation can be devastating.

With corporate governance under intense scrutiny, the market is looking to company directors and management to stamp out corporate fraud, and regulations are tightening to support this.

Good fraud governance requires more than just ensuring an effective system of internal controls. It requires:

• a strong and clear message from senior executives and non-executives who are prepared to lead by example;

• clear policies and standards;

• knowledge of the key fraud risks;

• effective fraud and corruption reporting;

• awareness training; and

• the development of a strong culture of ethics and honesty.

The performance of an organisation can be improved through an organisational-wide application of a fraud and corruption strategy that incorporates these elements.

All organisations should have a Fraud and Corruption Control Plan. It is necessary to ensure that a thorough review has been conducted of all preventative and detective functions within the organisation and that responsibility has been allocated for review and maintenance of these functions.

Warfield & Associates can prepare your Fraud and Corruption Control Plan and help ensure that it is properly communicated to stakeholders. We ensure that your plan is tailored to your organisation and is consistent with the Australian Standard on Fraud and Corruption Control AS8001-2003 and AS8001-2008.

November 09 2012


The Tyler Group: Bush-tijdperk belastingverlagingen verlopen te ontwijken fiscale klif –design21sdn


The Tyler Group

De slimme aanpak van de “fiscale klif” — de belasting en uitgaven wijzigingen gepland voor einde van het jaar dat zou begrotingstekorten scherp gesneden na verloop van tijd, maar waarschijnlijk gooien de economie in een recessie volgend jaar — is vervangen door een meer fiscaal en economisch juiste pakket. In het bijzonder moeten wij allen de Bush-tijdperk belastingverlagingen verlopen, restanten van de automatische bezuinigingen (“sequestration”) en vervang ze met een evenwichtig pakket dat verhoogt van ontvangsten en uitgaven op de lange termijn, terwijl het verstrekken van meer tekort gefinancierde stimulans tijdens volgend jaar of zo te stimuleren het zwak herstel.

Beleidsmakers geconfronteerd met tal van hindernissen te knutselen dergelijke een ‘grand koopje.” Hier is een die de Tyler groep Barcelona suggereren dat moet onmiddellijk opzij gezet: de overtuiging dat de stimulerende maatregelen zij vastgesteld ter bestrijding van de grote recessie inefficiënt waren, een belangrijke bron van ons probleem van tekort zijn, en daarom moeten niet worden geprobeerd opnieuw. Niets zou verder van de waarheid.

In The Tyler groep Barcelona Hand en hamer eerdere post, uitgelegd dat de stimulans gewerkt omdat zonder, de terugwinning van de recessie zwakker, met hogere werkloosheid zou zijn geweest. Bovendien werkte het zonder toevoeging aanzienlijk op lange termijn tekorten of schulden.

The Tyler Group






September 02 2012


Tyler Madoff parents to talk suit Wednesday | One Bookmarks

The parents of White Plains teen Tyler Madoff, who died when he was swept out into the Pacific Ocean during a Hawaii kayaking trip in July, are expected to reveal details of their negligence lawsuit against the tour operator Wednesday during a press conference at their lawyer's Manhattan office.
The press conference is set for 1 p.m. at the West 57th Street office of attorney Susan Karten.
Michael and Marianne Madoff, parents of the 15-year-old Scarsdale High School student, have accused tour operators from Bold Earth Teen Adventures and Hawaii Pack and Paddle, who led a group of teenagers on a hiking and kayaking trip, of showing poor judgment and acting "coldhearted" toward them after their son was swallowed by the ocean. Tyler Madoff and Matthew Alzate, a 15-year-old from Miami, were swept out in the same wave that claimed Tyler Madoff's life on July 4, as the group hiked near a restricted tide pool area.
While tour guides quickly pulled Alzate to safety, Tyler Madoff's body was never recovered despite the dedicated efforts of search and dive teams.
The lawsuit alleges tour guides "ignored heavy surf tide and wave advisories for that day," and "deviated from planned itinerary … in direct contravention of state-issued permits and brought 12 teens to a treacherous and off-limits section of the park," Karten announced Tuesday.
Tyler Madoff's death was caused by the tour guides' "outrageously reckless and irresponsible decision" to lead the group from the "safety of the bay to the treacherous lava rock area," according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Honolulu.
They were hiking near the Captain Cook monument at Kealakekua Bay when they stopped to rest at a tide pool, authorities said. The teens were led to an area that's out of a state-permitted area despite dangerous surf warnings, according to the suit.
"Some of the teenagers scrambled for cover and attempted to grab on to anything to keep them from being swept back out of the tidal pools into the ocean by the violently receding waves," according to the lawsuit. "Tyler was last seen being swept through the tide pool by the raging waters and over the shore line cliffs into the ocean, never to be seen again."
The family also claimed that the group team leader did nothing to help Tyler Madoff. The lawsuit said the man has a criminal history, including disorderly conduct and marijuana possession, even though Colorado-based Bold Earth Teen Adventures claims its leaders undergo background checks.
The leader, identified in the suit as Andrew Mork, 22, of Wisconsin, couldn't be reached for comment.
The suit alleges Bold Earth and its president and founder, Abbott Wallis, "did not notify the Madoffs until hours after the event, and despite having knowledge of the occurrence were more interested in assessing liability."
Wallis said he hadn't yet seen the lawsuit. He previously called it a "freak accident" and said guides did all they could to help search for Tyler Madoff.
Hawaii Pack and Paddle was subcontracted by Bold Earth, a Colorado-based company. In previous comments to Newsday, Bold Earth founder and owner Abbott Wallis said he sympathized with Madoff's parents. Nonetheless, he said his tour operators could not have anticipated the powerful wave that swept up the two teenagers.
"Every single person has described it as a freak accident caused by waves that were unpredictable, like a lightning strike or an earthquake," Wallis said in July.
Tuesday's announcement did not include mention of damages sought beyond seeking punitive damages for "emotional distress," but in previous statements to the media, the Madoffs have said they would donate any lawsuit proceeds to charity or use the funds for safety education.
Check back at Newsday.com this afternoon for further details on the press conference and the lawsuit.
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